Mt Peale

The Inn and Cabins Mt. Peale are located on the southeastern slope of the La Sal Mountains, a hidden alpine wonder, providing breathtaking scenery, spectacular views, and affordable accommodations. (
The Moab area offers three unique ecosystems — The La Sal Mountain Alpine, the Desert of the Canyonlands, and the Red-Rock Canyons of Moab. The Inn and Cabins at Mt. Peale are a perfect base camp for your next vacation, holiday, or retreat. We are a Four-Season Haven.
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Affordable housing in Moab

Many potential barriers to affordable housing in the Moab area are “regulatory” in nature, according to a presentation by a noted rural development specialist during last Thursday’s meeting of the Moab City Planning Commission.

Richard Walker of the Salt Lake City-based Rural Community Assistance Corporation, said a variety of issues, such as inflexible sidewalk, gutter, and infrastructure requirements, excessive street widths, lot size and zoning requirements, and other restrictions, could potentially impede affordable housing.
Even unnecessary delays obtaining permits can make a project less affordable, added Walker, as he presented his findings and recommendations to the planning commission and the public.
During the two-hour meeting, Walker encouraged the expediting of the approval process, and also recommended that certain impact fees be waived or at least reduced for affordable housing projects.

In addition to city planning commissioners Jeanette Kopell, Kelly Thornton, and Wayne Hoskisson, there were about a dozen other people in attendance, including city planning director Jeff Reinhart, planning assistant Sommar Johnson, Moab City Manager Donna Metzler, community development director David Olsen, and Grand County Council member Audrey Graham, along with several interested citizens.
Walker also answered questions from the members of the public who were in attendance. A couple of the attendees said they wondered about whether developers would actually bother with affordable housing, and where such projects might be located. At least one person questioned whether affordable housing would negatively impact property values.
“It’s a common misconception that affordable housing projects make (surrounding) property values go down, but that is not the case,” said Walker, who showed pictures of several successful projects done elsewhere around the state. “The commission and the public should be willing to accept new and innovative designs as affordable housing solutions.”

Walker noted that alleviating the negative stigma that many people associate with affordable housing is part of the challenge.
“Our goal is to educate the public and officials about the complexities of affordable housing,” Walker said.
Moab has as many as 14 zones, Walker noted, adding that many of the city’s zones could be simplified or consolidated. The existing R-3 zone should also be modified to allow up to 30 units per acre, Walker suggested.
In addition, he recommended that a “lesser standard” of code compliance be applied to affordable housing projects, especially those that involve remodeling. Bringing an entire building to current codes often results in prohibitively high costs, making an otherwise affordable project unaffordable, he said.
Planning commission chairwoman Kelly Thornton cautioned against arbitrarily “cutting corners,” particularly when residents’ safety may be at stake.
“But these are definitely things we can look at,” she said. “This is the beginning of a process. There will be lots of meetings and opportunities for public input.”
Graham suggested that planners and interested parties lay out a map of the city and use M&M candies to mark areas where more families could potentially live.
“We could see what could be done to make it happen,” she said.
-Moab Times-Independent

Outlaw Jeep Tours

Our guides will take you on a jeep tour of some of Moab Utah’s most beautiful back country that will leave you wanting more. You’ll experience Moab’s unique redrock formations and breathtaking views. Our goal is to ensure that you leave with a lifetime of lasting memories! We offer family fun trips for all ages.

Guided Jeep Tours
outlawJeepTours2Own your own 4×4, but not familiar with the trails in Moab Utah or your vehicle’s capability? We offer a “follow us” guided jeep tour of Moab’s most famous trails. No group too big or too small!! Please call or e-mail for pricing and reservations… rates vary due to group size and level of difficulty you choose.

Moab Jeep Rental
If you want to feel the thrill behind the wheel, but do not own your own 4×4, you can rent one of our jeeps and take our “follow us” guided jeep tour. The trails in Moab will have your knuckles white and your heart pounding! Just click on “jeep rental” above for more information.  We provide hotel or campground pickup. Military and senior discounts available.  We look forward to being a part of your 4-wheeling experience in Moab Utah!  We are located at 397 N. Main St.  Check out our website at


If you’re looking to kick back, Woody’s Tavern, located at 221 S Main St, is a safe bet. It’s not the kind of place that’s going to break your wallet, so that’s more you have left over for happy hour.  They apparently don’t have a website either, this is all you get about Woody’s.

Rio Bar and Grill

The Rio Sports Bar and Grill hosts live music every weekend, Karaoke occasionally, and enjoys a full Utah liquor license (mixed drinks, ahoy!). Considered one of the most happening joints in town, the Rio Sports Bar features darts, foosball, and billiards.  The Rio apparently doesn’t have a website so this is the best I can do for you so far.

Zax Pizza Joint/ Bar

ZAX Pizza, located at 96 South Main Street in Moab, has been a popular dining spot for locals and tourists alike since it first opened in 2002.  The tastefully decorated building is adorned with a variety of interesting furnishings, ranging from a moose head on the wall to a giant carved bear in an Uncle Sam outfit. The salad bar is housed in a wooden canoe. Although the fixtures are interesting, the best part of Zax is the food and service. If you’ve never visited Zax, we encourage you to try it firsthand and see what people have been talking about.

Elite Motorcycle Tours

Founded in 1997, Elite Motorcycle Tours has been offering unique off road motorcycle adventures. Experience the canyon country of Moab and the Colorado plateau like no other adventure tour can. We offer guided tours for all skill levels, from simple roads to more technical single track for the advanced rider. You can have a leisurely, scenic ride or, experience the “extreme” ride of a lifetime.  Take part in a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind experience that takes you to unique areas with very few people.  While riding the Canyons of Moab and the mountains of Colorado, you will discover more changes in landscape, elevation and terrain than anywhere else. Explore the deserts, canyons, slickrock and mountains of Utah and the Colorado Plateau where you will see natural arches, magical vistas, red rock canyons and old mining camps. Ride next to the Green and Colorado Rivers and over the world famous Slickrock Bike Trail. Rely on our longtime experience, and let us organize your vacation the way you like it. Airport shuttles, lodging, food – we can plan your trip from start to finish.  Contact us at

Moab Real Estate Lisitngs

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Moab Century Tour

The Moab Century Tour encompasses an inspiring variety of landscape to awaken the cycling spirit. From the depths of the red rock canyons of Moab, riders begin to glimpse at the towering mountains above. This spectacular route rises from the sculptured canyons of the mighty Colorado River up into the La Sal Mountains, and then descends back into the canyons leaving you speechlessly in awe of the grand scale of this magical place. Channel the energy of riding through this grandeur of Moab’s canyon country by putting purpose behind your cycling. By focusing proceeds of the Tour with cancer survivorship programs each participant becomes a powerful force against cancer. For more information contact 435-259-2698 or visit

Moab 4×4 Outpost

If you want to equip your vehicle to meet the strenuous rigors of the trail, we have the accessories you need. Being in the Moab area, we’ve seen and repaired virtually every manufacture’s product in the 4×4 marketplace. We know their strengths and their weaknesses. Performance_product_linkWe used this unique knowledge to design our own product line that stands up to the most extreme Moab trails. And if they work here, they’ll work anywhere. Visit their website here.



Elite Motorcycle Tours

Founded in 1997, Elite Motorcycle Tours has been offering unique off road motorcycle adventures. Experience the canyon country of Moab and the Colorado plateau like no other adventure tour can. We offer guided tours for...


Cliffhanger Jeep Rentals

Summary: At Cliffhanger Jeep Rental it is our desire to help make your stay in Moab an enjoyable one. Check out our Rubicon Jeeps that are available for daily...