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It’s that time again, Moab Easter Jeep safari ’11 is fast approaching.  It may seem like you have a long time to get your rig up and rolling but it always seems to creep up on you, next thing you know it’s Easter and the Jeep is being rolled onto the trailer.  Moab Jeep Safari is usually the first off-road outing of the spring for a lot of people and no matter how far your vehicle has come since last year there’s always that new buggy in town that makes you rethink your whole approach to building a capable off-road machine.  No matter how big and bad, there’s unfortunately always someone bigger and badder and Moab Jeep Safari 2011 is where you’ll see the baddest of the bad.

After being at every Jeep Safari since ’89 and having lived in Moab for 10 years I’ve learned a thing or two that have been widely accepted misconceptions about the area and the event.  The top of the list includes the “official” trail runs vs. the “group who shows up unannounced.”  In years past the trails were free for alls and often the unofficials would clog up the trail with broken rigs before the official group had a chance to start making for some rather long days.

I remember starting Kane Creek at 8 AM Jeep Safari Saturday around 1993  and getting back into town after a scheduled “6 hour” trail  at about 11PM!  I like Kane Creek and all but not that much.  To curb this broken-axle-roadblock routine the Red rock 4 Wheelers closed off the trails to the public until the official trail head passed which was usually way before anyone got there anyway.  When people heard this is was quickly falsely translated into “the trail is closed unless you’re registered”.  That rumor circled around for about 2 months before the Jeep Safari a few years back but was not entirely true.

Other rumors fly around every year that the BLM has “closed all the trails to off road vehicles”.  There has been talk about this but the bottom line is the govt. loves money and the Jeep safari brings plenty of it in the form of tax dollars.  As long as we can keep people on the trails and keep the 1% out there who litter, drive wherever they want, and are generally offensive to the earth down to a minimum then Jeep Safari and Moab off road trails will always be open to the public.

Hear any good rumors this year?  Email me, I’d love to hear them and put an end to any debates going on.  In the mean time, get back to the garage and finish that rig, time is running out!  See you in Moab…

-Erik Shellenberger


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