Behind The Rocks

We Think: This is another trail that will beat you to death and has few obstacles but the ones is does have are worth the trip. The notorious White Knuckle Hill is one of the most intimidating hills in Moab- and that’s just going DOWN it. The hill is deserving of it’s name and is one of the most famous photo spots in the whole Moab area. Toward the end of the trail are the sand dunes. We’re not quite sure if they have a name other than “the sand dunes” but seeing as they’re the only ones in the area they really don’t need a name. If your rig is still in one piece after the trail this is an awesome place to eat lunch and “play” around in. Some people have a little too much fun here and there have been several documented rollovers (Youtube it). Other than that the Behind The Rocks trail is a brutal teeth-jarring ride with few other mentionable spots. It should be done at least once to say you’ve done it but after that it may leave too many sore-assed memories for several repeat visits.

behind-the-rocks behind-the-rocks-trail2 behind-the-rocks-trail3 behind-the-rocks-trail white-knuckle-hill2 white-knuckle-hill3 white-knuckle-hill4 white-knuckle-hill

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