Golden Spike

We Think: The spike is a favorite among the hard-core Jeepers.  Kind of like Pritchett, Golden Spike it probably best enjoyed (traffic permitting) by turning around after the golden Crack and going out the way you came in because of the long, bumpy, teeth-jarring dirt road from the Spike completing the loop to Poison Spider.  If the entire loop starting at Gold Bar Rim and ending up at the river road where Poison Spider starts is taken then this quickly turns into one of the longest trails in Moab.  Leave early and bring lots of food, water, yada, yada for this all day event.

The creation of the Rusty Nail loop added a new and scenic option to the Spike trail when it was made creating a new, quicker way to access the Golden Crack area.   The Rusty Nail is an offshoot of Gold Bar Rim on one side and Golden Spike on the other but more on that later.  Some of Moab’s most popular and photographed obstacles reside on the Spike like Double Whammy, the Golden Crack, the Golden Stairs, and the Body Snatcher.  You’re in for a long, brutal day if you break down anywhere near here as it’s about 2-3 hours back to town even though town can be seen just over the rim to the east.  Ironically break downs are probably the most common on this trail because of the difficulty and the sheer amount of abuse the vehicles take during the rough roads to and from the trail.  The dirt at the base of Double Whammy is littered with shards of broken axles, u-joints, and other random carnage marking rough days for it’s past visitors.

Don’t attempt this trail alone as you may end up with a long walk on your hands if anything should happen.  If your rig is questionably street legal then I suggest trailering to the trailhead (about 15 miles out of town) and parking at the ore cart parking lot.  The only downside is that if you do the whole loop and end up at the Poison Spider parking lot then you’ll have to figure out how to get the trailers back as they’re now about 12 miles away so bring at least one street legal vehicle with you.

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