Hells Revenge

We Think: Hells Revenge is probably the most popular trail in Moab for several reasons. It’s very close to town, almost every obstacle has bypasses so rental Jeeps are capable of the entire trail, and it has some of the most famous and difficult obstacles which make for great action. The trail also has several different loops and routes to take, it looks a lot like spaghetti on the map. Home to the Escalator, Tip Over Challenge, the Gates of Hell, the Hot Tubs and the Dump Bump.   Hell’s Revenge is a little tricky to follow once you’re on the trail if the black tire tracks have been washed away.  There are little “fire” stencils spray painted on the trail to lead you down the correct path but those too are sometimes a little hard to spot.  It gets even more confusing when a fork in the road is encountered and there isn’t any signs telling you what’s what.

We encourage going with someone who’s been on the trail before or hook up with one of the groups that often meet in the City Market parking lot in the mornings.  If you do the trail alone you may not want to try all of the hard stuff either.  Although you’re more likely to run into other people on Hells Revenge more than any other trail, getting stuck in the escalator requires a winch to extract you which not everyone is equipped with.

Hells Revenge makes for awesome day trips or even if you have an hour or two to kill it’s close enough for a short “test” run.  Another one of its strong points is that there aren’t any narrow canyons that can cause gridlock  from a disabled vehicle.  Even if that guy with the Dana 35 in front of you snaps an axle, there’s almost always a way around him.  Hells Revenge is a must for any Moab trip even if you have a very tame vehicle.

hells revenge trail moab utah hells-revenge-escalator-moab5 hells-revenge-hot-tub-1 hells-revenge-moab4 hells-revenge-moab6 hells-revenge-moab-black-marks hells-revenge-moab-puddle hells-revenge-moab-rain hells-revenge-moab-suzuki hells-revenge-moab-town hells-revenge-squeeze-rock hells-revenge-tip-over-challenge hells-revenge-trail-moab2 hells-revenge-trail-moab3 hells-revenge-view6

2 Responses to “Hells Revenge”

  1. Jeff says:

    Dump Bump has been closed for what, 2 years now?

  2. admin says:

    Almost. Depending on how much money the current land leasees think they can make it periodically gets opened back up. Jeep Safari is a hit and miss time as well for the obstacle because of the large crowds it draws. It was fun while it lasted and may be open again one day.

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