Metal Masher

We Think: Metal Masher is a long rough trail with few actual “obstacles” and could probably be done almost entirely in 2WD if all of the bypasses are taken.  The highlights of Metal Masher are High Dive and Upchuck, Widowmaker,   and Rock Chucker all of which have bypasses.  Don’t get me wrong, Metal Masher is a fun trail but if you have a low tolerance for getting bounced around all day then I’d steer clear of this one.  Mirro Gulch is another mandatory obstalce but can be easily done even with open axles.  Rock Chucker looks intimidating with it’s black tire marks and scraped up rock face but it’s one of those hils that once you figure out the right line it’s a piece of cake.  Widowmaker is a different story.  This optional obstacle is steeper, more slippery, and is a lot more likely to require a winch.  This is the lighlight of the trail and most of the famous pictures coming from the Metal Masher trail are taken here.  By the way, try not to break down here as it’s a long drive (or longer hike) back to civilization. 

Also be sure and check out Gemini bridges which is an arch that the daring can drive out onto for the perfect photo-op. There is an awesome overlook of the valley north of town that isn’t for the faint of heart seeing as it’s several thousand feet (or at least seems like it) to the valley below.

gemini bridges on metal masher trail in Moab metal-masher-gemini-bridges metal-masher-moab2 metal-masher-moab metal-masher-trail metal-masher-widowmaker moab-metal-masher-widowmaker moab-widow-maker-trail-rock-chucker high-dive-metal-masher

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