Poison Spider

We Think: The Poison Spider Trail is probably the most popular among the intermediate crowd. It’s challenging enough to be fun but easy enough that an open-axled or stock height Jeep could make it with little difficulty. Poison Spider is a favorite with the Jeep rental crowd for good reason, the trail starts with a couple of switchbacks and ends on top of, ironically, Poison Spider Mesa with breathtaking scenery and great off-roading. The whole trail is fun and has enough sand or dirt sections so your vehicle doesn’t take a continuous pounding like some of the more rocky trails.

There are a couple of awesome overlooks of the city and Arches National Park which make for great lunch spots. The trail gets a little hard to read over some of the slickrock sections where the Launching Pad signals the beginning of the Golden Spike trail especially in the spring before the trail is marked by tire tracks on the rocks. Unless you’re in a very capable vehicle and have the entire day to kill, I wouldn’t advise continuing on to Golden Spike.

Poison Spider is popular with the Mountain Bike crowd as well and chances are you’ll run into at least a couple other people on the mesa. Don’t go to this trail if it looks like it may rain as sections of the trail easily turn into flash floods.

The parking lot at the trailhead has recently been redone so there’s plenty of parking for trailers or anything else you may have driven there.

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