Moab Jeep Safari 2009


Thursday: Hells Revenge in the Rzr, we hooked up with a group from Illinois and another from Colorado (not sure where in those states) who were all awesome! Got some good footage and bullied a couple guys into doing the Escalator which hey did great on and have some really good stories to take home with them, Safari is going great so far!!

Friday: Pritchett Canyon in (again) the RZR. Didn’t quite make it as far as we’d hoped, there seems to be a huge obstacle that has developed over the last couple years right about in the middle of the trail that just wasn’t happening for the Polaris on 22″ tires. Made for some great pictures though! Ran into some full size rigs from Colorado that paid very little for their rigs and broke a lot of them but we all had a great time anyway. (Much respect for the $500 Power Wagon by the way).

Jeep Safari