We Think: We’ve all seen the same old tired trail descriptions that were written about 20 years ago and duplicated and copied every year since on just about any Moab website.  This is a list of what we think is important about the trails.  There are obscure trails that aren’t here yet but the list will always be updated.  


Moab Trail Descriptions


Rusty Nail

We Think: The Rusty Nail is more of an optional loop of Golden Spike than it’s own trail but we’ll go ahead and call it a trail.  This relatively new road  is a great...


Behind The Rocks

We Think: This is another trail that will beat you to death and has few obstacles but the ones is does have are worth the trip. The notorious White Knuckle Hill is one of the most...


Metal Masher

We Think: Metal Masher is a long rough trail with few actual “obstacles” and could probably be done almost entirely in 2WD if all of the bypasses are taken.  The highlights...


Poison Spider

We Think: The Poison Spider Trail is probably the most popular among the intermediate crowd. It’s challenging enough to be fun but easy enough that an open-axled or stock height...


Golden Spike

We Think: The spike is a favorite among the hard-core Jeepers.  Kind of like Pritchett, Golden Spike it probably best enjoyed (traffic permitting) by...


Pritchett Canyon

We Think: Pritchett is unofficially the “hardest” trail in the Jeep safari line-up. The 2 things that contribute to this honor is that most of the “tamer” vehicles...


Hells Revenge

We Think: Hells Revenge is probably the most popular trail in Moab for several reasons. It’s very close to town, almost every obstacle has bypasses so rental Jeeps are capable...